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We truly believe that education and skills development is a lifelong learning process built on a foundation of positive collaboration between learner and provider. Sange SA is not your conventional partner with a one-size-fits-all-approach, through our strategic interventions we offer each client unique context-led services and solutions to suit their needs. We offer a selection of accredited courses designed for individuals to gain essential knowledge, improve their skill set and become more efficient.

The practical, hands-on, and rigorous nature of our courses will provide you with renewed motivation and vital skills effectively allowing you to make an immediate impact in a constantly evolving, society. Our courses are presented by facilitators and professionals in their respective fields.

SANGE Learning & Development

Learning and Development

We offer a Learning and Development service that includes Learnerships, Internships, Graduate Programmes, Accredited Skills Programmes, and Training. Our programmes are tailored to meet the needs of your business and help develop your employees' skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. We also provide assessment and moderation to ensure the effectiveness of our training.

SANGE B-BBEE Advisory Services

B-BBEE Advisory Services

SANGE SA offers B-BBEE Advisory Services to support businesses in achieving their transformation goals. Our services include advising on legislation, conducting Scorecard review and gap analysis, and providing scenario planning on improving current scorecard. We also provide administrative management for the verification process, engage with verification agencies, and conduct bi-annual reviews of scorecard calculation. Furthermore, we can prepare and review documentation for verification to ensure compliance with B-BBEE requirements. Our B-BBEE Advisory Services are designed to help businesses navigate the complexities of B-BBEE legislation and achieve their transformation objectives.

SANGE Employment Equity Services

Employment Equity Services

We offer comprehensive Employment Equity Services to assist businesses in meeting their employment equity objectives. Our services include setting up and training Employment Equity committees, compiling and monitoring EE Plans, and conducting EE reporting. We also help businesses establish EE policies and procedures, provide support and assistance during EE committee meetings, and ensure compliance with mandatory quarterly meetings. Our team can represent your company during DoL audits and provide consultative support to help you navigate the audit process. Our Employment Equity Services are designed to ensure compliance with employment equity legislation while promoting diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

SANGE HR Advisory Services

HR Advisory Services

We provide HR Advisory Services to support businesses in effectively managing their human capital. Our services include HR strategy and planning, company policies and procedures review and updates, and HR reports, compliance, and submissions. We also assist with recruitment and employment contracts, performance management, compensation and benefits, and provide support for dismissals, disciplinary actions, and grievances. Additionally, we offer ad-hoc HR support to meet your unique business needs. Our HR Advisory Services are designed to help businesses effectively manage their human resources, comply with legislation, and improve overall organizational performance.


SANGE Inspired Leadership

Siya Ngesi

Generic Management Learnership

“Thank you for investing time with us and being the bridge towards the opportunities ERM has to offer. I enjoyed the sessions and everyone in your team at SANGE is so nice and professional. Keep up the good work. I appreciate your support and your enthusiasm in developing young people to become the best versions of themselves.”
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